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A new data protection standard that guarantees security. 

Advanced Cybersecurity Technology: the next generation end-to-end secure solution.


During times of unprecedented cyber terror, there is finally an answer! 

Introducing the guaranteed trust platform that provides end-to-end quantum-secure®️ data protection and communications. 

We combine industry leading security with a cyber security indemnification warranty. 

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Microsoft Magazine highlights Secured2's technology leadership and ground breaking innovations.

Technology Record Magazine

- Page 58 (Feature Article)

The most important security technology since AES encryption.

Secured2 has pioneered the security for our new digital future, shielding you from the dangers posed by quantum computing, AI, and the vulnerabilities inherent in our encrypted systems.


Protect email, cloud storage & everything. 

Secured2 stands out as the sole quantum-secure®️ and AI-safe™ technology available on the market, seamlessly integrated into the platforms you engage with daily.

Zero Trust

Protecting data at-rest unlike anyone.

Secured2 ensures unparalleled data security at rest, guaranteeing protection and providing indemnification against any potential data breaches.


Private & Quantum-Secure®️ Networking.

Secured2 SmartMesh™ delivers unparalleled internet security, combining quantum-secure®️ and AI-safe technology seamlessly within your everyday platforms.


A better and secure way to authenticate.

Secured2 Private Code offers MFA/authentication for Microsoft, Google, and Apple authenticators, ensuring robust security across these platforms.

Secured2 QuantaMorphic® data security: rigorously vetted, tested, and becoming the new security standard for America.

Allied Associates Report

Secured2's QuantaMorphic® data security stands as the world's only quantum-secure®️ solution, backed by validation from rigorous academic, Department of Defense, expert hacker, and customer testing. The results: impenetrable security!

Our end-to-end security can be built into your own apps with our API or you can use our Toolkit of quantum-secure®️ ready apps









Data Backup






AI engine


Confidently protect data

We ensure data-at-rest protection with utmost confidence, employing advanced end-to-end quantum-secure®️ protection and standards-based security. Your sensitive information remains safeguarded against any unauthorized access or breaches, guaranteeing peace of mind.

Team Meeting

Share data with confidence & security

Confidently share data securely with Secured2, offering superior security for guaranteed protection. Unlike traditional storage platforms, Secured2 safeguards your information with innovative technology that surpasses any in market today. 

Data Vaulting

Secure your emails, texts, and communications

Secure your email, texts, and communications effortlessly with SmartMesh, ensuring end-to-end security and privacy. With SmartMesh, your sensitive messages remain shielded from prying eyes, providing peace of mind in every exchange.


Products integrated with platforms you trust

Secured2 integrates seamlessly with trusted platforms like Google, AWS, and Microsoft, offering enhanced security without workflow disruptions. We are also built into products you use every day like Office365 and soon Gmail. 

We ensure trust across a wide array of business types, almost every market and any use-case where digital security is required!

Secured² Corporation - Introduction
Daren Klum (Secured2), Glenn Orcutt (Crayon) and Andres Franzetti (Risk Cooperative).
Secured2 Microsoft Data Security

Industry leaders endorsing our technology.

Our technology lets you take charge of security
while using industry leading partners!

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We can get you secure!

Secure your business today with Secured2, the ultimate solution that offers unmatched protection - contact us now for a demo and discover how we can safeguard your valuable assets.

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