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Defending Against Quantum
& AI Threats

Secured2: Quantum-Secure™, AI-Safe™ data protection with cyber indemnification warranty.

Our Security Solutions


Data Security




Dev Tools / API

How our quantum-secure™ 
data protection works 


SHRINK: Compressing data by up to 80%



Breaking data apart at the binary file-level



Protecting data quantum-secure™ & decentralized

Women having a business meeting.

Security +

Discover the power of Secured2, seamlessly integrating industry-leading quantum-secure™ data protection with a comprehensive suite of hybrid-work applications, empowering your teams to work together safely and securely like never before.


At Secured2, we understand that the best work stems from trusting your environment, for it is only by relying on the seamless integration of secure and reliable digital tools that you can fully unlock your creative potential while leaving behind any concerns about the trustworthiness of your technology.

A woman taking notes in a meeting.
A quantum computer.

Quantum & AI Secure

Explore the groundbreaking world of data security at Secured2, where the seamless integration of quantum-secure™ data protection and AI-proof safeguards converge, offering an unrivaled level of protection for your digital assets, your business, and your team, all available exclusively with us.


Experience unrivaled protection for your valuable data with the Secured2 Cyber Warranty represented by Risk Cooperative. Our comprehensive coverage, backed by solid financial indemnification from renowned providers like Lloyd's of London and other leading insurers, guarantees unmatched assurance and peace of mind.

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Secured² Corporation - Introduction
Daren Klum (Secured2), Glenn Orcutt (Crayon) and Andres Franzetti (Risk Cooperative).
Secured2 Microsoft Data Security

Security & applications trusted by industry experts

Our unbreakable security is integrated

with our cloud partners

We can get you secure!

Secure your business today with Secured2, the ultimate solution that offers unmatched protection - contact us now for a demo and discover how we can safeguard your valuable assets.

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