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How we deliver trust

Secured2 Quantum-secure®️ technology revolutionizes data security by relying on physical-based protection principles, in contrast to the math-based keys used in current standards. This innovative approach addresses the growing concern over trust in our digital world, offering a more robust and reliable solution. Secured2's QuantaMorphic® data protection goes beyond conventional methods, ensuring security with an indemnification warranty. Unlike other security providers, this guarantees the integrity of your data, bringing back trust and peace of mind to your organization.

In the world of data security, the foundation of trust is essential. To achieve that trust, we require technology that works reliably and has the capability to deliver on its promises. The Secured2 QuantaMorphic® solution not only provides trust but also offers increased flexibility, cost savings, and an improved overall service. This new model of trust is making a significant impact across various industries, revolutionizing the way data security is approached and implemented. With its robust and dependable features, the Secured2 QuantaMorphic® solution is transforming the landscape of trust in sectors ranging from finance to healthcare and beyond.

Markets we serve


This market revolves around the protection of healthcare software solutions, electronic medical records systems, telemedicine platforms, medical devices, or protecting valuable research and development in the pharmaceutical sector. Secured2 exceeds all HIPAA requirements and provides the flexibility to choose any cloud storage vendor you choose. 


Secured2 protects companies in this market by focusing on providing quantum-secure®️ financial technology (fintech) solutions, payment processing services, online banking platforms, or cybersecurity services tailored to the specific requirements of financial institutions. Secured2 has built in capabilities that allow you to easily audit and exceed the standards set by FISMA and other regulatory industries for your stored information. 

Manufacturing & Industrial

Critical to protecting our vital manufacturing and industrial base. The Secured2 solutions are customized to provide secure automation systems, secure communications and secure Internet connected robotics solutions, supply chain management systems, industrial IoT technologies, or quality control software to enhance manufacturing and industrial operations.


Secured2 is focused on protecting the data of students, educators and the entire educational ecosystem. We can easily integrate our security into learning management systems (LMS), e-learning platforms, educational software, or virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) tools to revolutionize education and learning experiences.

Energy & Utilities

We serve companies in this market by providing quantum-secure®️ solutions that protect smart grid technologies, energy management systems, or utility billing and customer management software to meet the energy and utility industry's demands.

Government & Public Sector

We provide the integration of our security into digital transformation services, citizen engagement platforms, existing cybersecurity solutions, or data analytics tools to enable efficient public administration and government operations.

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We can get you secure!

Secure your business today with Secured2, the ultimate solution that offers unmatched protection - contact us now for a demo and discover how we can safeguard your valuable assets.

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