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Cloud in the Sky

We put the cloud under your control: secure, & untouchable!

We love the cloud, but not when our data security is out of our hands. We change that, making the cloud trustworthy for you!

Cloud services are wonderful, but entrusting our storage keys to cloud providers is no longer acceptable.

Secured2's integration with industry-leading cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure, Office365, AWS, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud, enhances data security and accessibility for organizations across various platforms. Here's how Secured2 seamlessly integrates with these cloud providers:

  • Microsoft Azure and Office365 Integration: Secured2 integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Azure and Office365, leveraging their robust infrastructure and services to enhance data resilience and collaboration for users. By integrating with Azure's secure cloud storage and Office365's productivity suite, Secured2 enables organizations to securely store, and access files while ensuring protection against data breaches and unauthorized access.


  • AWS Integration: Secured2's integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) extends its data security capabilities to AWS users, allowing them to leverage Secured2's advanced encryption and protection features within their AWS environments. By integrating with AWS services such as Amazon S3 and Amazon EC2, Secured2 enables organizations to secure their data storage, processing, and applications on the AWS platform.


  • Google Cloud Integration: Secured2 integrates seamlessly with Google Cloud Platform (GCP), providing organizations with a comprehensive security solution for their cloud-based infrastructure and applications. By leveraging GCP's scalable and reliable cloud services, combined with Secured2's encryption and protection features, organizations can securely store, access, and manage their data on Google Cloud while mitigating the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access. In a Secured2 world you control the keys to your account and Google can't access your data.


  • Oracle Cloud Integration: Secured2's integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure enhances data security for Oracle Cloud users, enabling them to protect their sensitive data and applications with advanced encryption and protection measures. By leveraging Oracle Cloud's high-performance infrastructure and services, combined with Secured2's security features, organizations can ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data on Oracle Cloud.

  • IBM Cloud: (Coming soon)

Through these integrations, Secured2 provides organizations with the flexibility to leverage their preferred cloud providers while enhancing data security and compliance. By extending its advanced encryption, protection, and collaboration capabilities to industry-leading cloud platforms, Secured2 empowers organizations to securely store, access, and collaborate on their data across various environments, ensuring protection against data breaches and unauthorized access.

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We can get you secure!

Secure your business today with Secured2, the ultimate solution that offers unmatched protection - contact us now for a demo and discover how we can safeguard your valuable assets.

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