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Fixing our digital underpinnings 
was a massive undertaking.

Reinventing the core technologies of our digital world required extraordinary perseverance, unwavering willpower, and significant sacrifice. 

And we did it!

Our path to building a more
secure digital future

In the world of digital transformation, math-based encryption was the unseen underpinning of security but in time has become the Achilles' heel of our country's digital integrity. As more and more facets of daily life moved online, from banking, healthcare, to almost every aspect of our digital lives, the demand for impenetrable data security escalated exponentially. Yet, despite the critical need, the cybersecurity industry hit an unsettling plateau. Cybersecurity companies churned out the same old math-based encryption solutions, each wrapped in increasingly flashy marketing veneer, but none truly addressed the imminent threats to encryption like quantum computing and AI which now render traditional cryptography obsolete.

In this environment of complacency, a small yet audacious company, Secured2, began to see the frightening gaps as gaping chasms. The cybersecurity community was at a crossroads: innovate or face a digital apocalypse. Secured2 chose the former, building something the world hadn't yet seen—a quantum secure solution and a technology that would eliminate the AI threat against our encrypted systems.

At the core of our mission is a vision for a future where security is no longer dependent on the vulnerabilities of mathematical algorithms, which are now easily compromised by quantum computers and AI. Traditional encryption methods, such as RSA and ECC, were once the gold standard against classical threats. However, these methods were always susceptible to breaches, and this fact was not widely acknowledged. In reality, math-based encryption never had definitive proof of its security. The same can be said of today's NIST post-quantum algorithms and that is why most have already been breached! 

Secured2 took a bold step away from traditional methods and charted a new course. We developed a data security technology that doesn’t rely on the predictable vulnerabilities of math-based encryption. Instead, we pioneered a new approach involving data shredding and multi-layer physics-based modalities, designed to withstand the power of quantum processing and AI solving complex mathematical problems. By taking away the hard math problem from today's encryption, you eliminate the risk of quantum and AI. 

The journey to innovation was overwhelming and challenging. For over seven years, our dedicated team of developers worked tirelessly—through nights, weekends, and holidays—driven by the immense importance of protecting our nation. These years were marked not by incremental updates or rebranded technologies, but by genuine breakthroughs, often realized during quiet, despair-filled debugging sessions at 3 AM. The personal costs were immense: sleepless nights became the norm, relationships strained under the weight of unrelenting commitment, and the constant fear of failure was ever-present. Yet, each team member was fueled by a relentless drive, believing their work was crucial not only for the company but also for our families and friends.

Secured2's quantum-secure®️ solution emerged not just as a new product but as a ground breaking innovation in a sea of stagnation. It provided a robust defense mechanism against both current and future threats, ensuring that data remained secure, fortified, and undecipherable by even the most advanced technology like quantum & AI. Unlike its predecessors, which could only react to emerging threats by longer keys or creating new keys with new math, Secured2’s technology was designed to be ahead of its time, offering security that was proactive and preemptive.

Our success has had a profound impact. As the only patented physics-based quantum-secure®️ solution, Secured2 has not only transformed the cybersecurity industry but also set a new standard for digital data protection. Our journey, marked by challenges, innovation, and pushing the boundaries of possibility, stands as a testament to human ingenuity and relentless perseverance in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

In the end, with our innovations the world has changed—not with a dramatic upheaval but with the quiet confidence of secured communications and protected data, thanks to a small team who dared to dream differently and work exhaustively towards a future where digital security was taken for granted. Secured2 had not just developed a new technology; they had redefined the very foundations of cybersecurity for the better.

How is Secured2 so much better?

Secured2’s end-to-end solution represents a significant shift away from traditional math-based encryption methods. The key distinction lies in its approach to data security, which integrates multiple layers of protection involving data shredding, data masking, randomized storage dispersal, and optional standards-based encryption techniques. Here’s a detailed look at how this works and how it differs from conventional encryption methods:


Traditional Math-Based Encryption
Math-based encryption, such as RSA or AES, relies on complex mathematical algorithms to encrypt data. These methods use large prime numbers or keys to encode information, which can only be decoded with the correct key. While currently effective against conventional computers, these encryption methods are potentially vulnerable to quantum computers, which can solve these mathematical problems much more rapidly.


Secured2’s End-to-End Solution physics-based solution

1. Data Shredding
Instead of relying solely on a single key or algorithm, Secured2’s technology starts with 'data shredding'. This process breaks data into smaller, unreadable fragments. Unlike traditional methods where data is whole and encrypted in block form, shredding disperses the critical information across many fragments, making it harder to reconstruct without the precise methodology used in the fragmentation process.

2. Data Dispersal
After shredding, each data fragment is independently encrypted. This step adds a layer of security uncommon in standard encryption protocols, where the entire file is typically encrypted as a whole. By encrypting each piece separately, Secured2 significantly increases the difficulty of decrypting any piece of data without authorization.

3. Multi-Layer Encryption
Each of these shredded and dispersed data fragments undergoes multiple layers of encryption using different algorithms. This approach ensures that even if one encryption layer is compromised, additional layers secure the fragment. This is in stark contrast to traditional methods that generally employ a single form of encryption.

4. Storage and Transmission
Once encrypted, these data fragments can be stored across multiple locations—be it physical servers or cloud environments. When needed, the data pieces are reassembled and decrypted only after they reach their final destination, ensuring that the data in transit remains secure against intercepts and leaks.

5. Quantum-Secure®️ Guaranteed Protection
The overarching benefit of this multi-layered, non-linear approach is its resistance to quantum attacks. Quantum computers pose a significant threat to traditional cryptography as they can potentially exploit mathematical shortcuts to break encryption. Secured2’s strategy mitigates this risk by eliminating reliance on purely mathematical vulnerabilities and instead uses a more chaotic, layered, and dispersed security methodology.

Secured2's end-to-end solution is fundamentally different from traditional encryption because it does not rely solely on mathematical complexities vulnerable to quantum decryption. By incorporating data shredding, dispersal, and multi-layer encryption, Secured2 provides a robust security framework that is designed to withstand both current and emerging threats, including those posed by quantum computing. Best of all this solution is protected using the laws of physics and not mathematics that cannot prove security. This innovative approach offers a forward-looking solution to data security, promising a higher level of protection from our current vulnerable cyber security ecosystem. 

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We can get you secure!

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