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Pioneering QuantaMorphic Data Protection for Unbreakable Digital Solutions

Unlocking the Next Frontier: Harnessing the Power of QuantaMorphic™, Quantum-Secure™ Technology to Safeguard Your Digital World.

Our Story

Secured2, in a remarkable departure from the customary tech success narrative, has established its foundation in the heartland of the Midwest, boldly defying industry conventions. Under the guidance of visionary founders Daren Klum and Mark Hansen, the company embarked on a transformative journey to redefine data security, surpassing the confines of traditional math-based encryption. Supported by an exceptional team of dedicated experts and fortified by strategic alliances with industry titans such as Google, Microsoft, AWS, and Oracle, Secured2 is at the forefront of shaping a secure and streamlined hybrid workforce. Not content with merely challenging the status quo, they are poised to address the most pressing challenges in our digital marketplace, spanning the domains of quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and comprehensive data security. Secured2 is determined to revolutionize the digital universe as we know it.

Join the movement and be part of the change as a partner, customer, or team member today.

Executive Leadership

A passionate group of leaders to usher in the post-quantum future.

Advisory Board

Leaders of technology & industry focused on our mission of data protection

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We can get you secure!

Secure your business today with Secured2, the ultimate solution that offers unmatched protection - contact us now for a demo and discover how we can safeguard your valuable assets.

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