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The Quantum & AI threat

The increasingly prevalent Quantum and AI threats cast a shadow of significant risks upon your business data, compromising its integrity and security. Embracing the urgency to address these challenges head-on, we offer robust solutions meticulously crafted to safeguard the viability and integrity of your digital systems. Trust Secured2 to fortify your business, ensuring your data remains protected against the most significant digital threats in history. 

Is the quantum and AI threat right now? 

The threats of quantum computing and artificial intelligence are no longer distant concerns; they require immediate attention. Quantum computing's unprecedented processing capabilities hold great promise, but they also pose risks to conventional encryption methods, which can compromise the integrity and privacy of all our math-based encrypted systems. Likewise, the advancements in artificial intelligence offer transformative opportunities, but they also can be used with quantum computing to accelerate the breaking of encryption. It is crucial to address these challenges now to safeguard data integrity, privacy, and ensure responsible use of these powerful technologies.


To protect your business from this threat it is essential to use QuantaMorphic® data protection that secures your most valuable asset........your data. By understanding the risks associated with quantum and AI technologies, we can now deploy robust defenses, new data security innovation, and responsible policies. This balanced approach from Secured2 empowers us to harness the benefits of new quantum-secure data protection while mitigating potential threats, ensuring the protection of individuals and organizations in our increasingly digital world.


How is a quantum computer a threat? 

The extraordinary capabilities of quantum computers introduce a new challenge for our worlds encrypted systems. With their ability to leverage superposition and entanglement processing data as a 0 or 1 or both, traditional encryption methods face vulnerabilities due to the speed of computing combined with factoring software. For instance, the renowned RSA algorithm, widely used in secure communication, becomes susceptible to quantum attacks like Shor's algorithm, which efficiently factors large numbers. Even symmetric encryption algorithms, including the widely adopted Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), are at risk, as Grover's algorithm accelerates the search for encryption keys. To address these challenges, the development of quantum-secure™ data protection is crucial. Secured2 QuantaMorphic® data protection designed to withstand the factorization of quantum computers by using 'physical' security through our shred n' spread capability. Embracing the transition to quantum-secure™ data protection is essential to safeguard data in the era of quantum computing.


How is AI used to break encryption and steal data? 

Through the power of AI, adversaries can exploit vulnerabilities in encryption and stealthily infiltrate systems to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data. Machine learning algorithms can be leveraged to identify patterns and weaknesses in encryption protocols, allowing for more efficient brute-force attacks or the development of sophisticated algorithms that can decode encrypted information. Additionally, AI-powered social engineering techniques enable targeted and personalized phishing attacks, tricking individuals into revealing confidential information. These alarming tactics highlight the urgent need for robust security measures like Secured2 QuantaMorphic® data protection. Since Secured2 no longer relies on 'math' to secure data all the techniques built around breaking or exploiting vulnerabilities in math-based security systems is no longer a threat. Secured2 protects data so it cannot be breached.  


Isn't post-quantum security expensive and hard to implement? 

Secured2 QuantaMorphic® data security stands out as a cost-effective and seamlessly implemented solution for safeguarding data. By leveraging the transformative potential of quantum technology, QuantaMorphic® Security offers a unique combination of efficiency and simplicity.

First and foremost, the cost-effectiveness of QuantaMorphic® Security stems from its ability to optimize storage space. Through a patented process that includes industry leading compression, QuantaMorphic® data protection dramatically reduces data storage requirements, resulting in significant cost savings for businesses. This innovative approach ensures efficient utilization of resources without compromising the security of data, making it an appealing choice for organizations seeking both financial prudence and robust protection.

In terms of implementation, QuantaMorphic® Security boasts a user-friendly interfaces, seamless integrations and hassle-free integration using our universal API. Its compatibility with existing systems and seamless deployment process ensure a smooth transition without disrupting operations. With minimal complexity and streamlined setup procedures, businesses can quickly adopt QuantaMorphic™ data protection as a fundamental layer of their data protection strategy, allowing them to focus on their core operations with peace of mind.

In essence, Secured2 QuantaMorphic® data security emerges as an accessible and cost-effective solution, offering businesses the advantages of quantum-powered data protection without the burden of exorbitant costs or implementation challenges.

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