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How Secured2's new modality protects data beyond encryption

Secured2 developed the world's first quantum-secure™ and AI-Safe™ data protection that eliminates the reliance on failed math-based encryption algorithms.

Math-based encryption vs. 
Secured2 QuantaMorphic® security

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Math-based post-quantum encryption and Secured2 QuantaMorphic® encryption are two distinctly different approaches to protect data against the threats posed by quantum computing and artificial intelligence. Post-quantum encryption utilizes complex mathematical problems like lattice-based, hash-based, and multivariate polynomial cryptography, which are deemed challenging for both traditional and quantum computers. However, these algorithms have vulnerabilities that have been well documented, evidenced by the challenges faced by almost all of the new NIST post-quantum algorithms and obsolescence of AES encryption.

In contrast, Secured2 QuantaMorphic® technology employs a layered security approach that combines physical security modalities and optional NIST standards-based encryption. It transforms data into unrecognizable binary fragments, masks and disperses these cross separate physical locations, and optionally encrypts them with quantum-secure™ algorithms. This multifaceted strategy not only counters quantum and AI threats but also makes unauthorized data reassembly and decryption impossible, offering a proven security model where traditional math-based methods fall short with no proof of security.


Furthermore, while post-quantum encryption can be susceptible to future decryption attacks, Secured2 QuantaMorphic® delivers robust, comprehensive protection for both data storage and transmission. This end-to-end strategy ensures data integrity and confidentiality, safeguarding against "save now, decrypt later" tactics. It positions Secured2 QuantaMorphic® as a powerful defense against a broad spectrum of digital threats, including those posed by advanced AI's use in solving hard math problems like all encryption. This makes it an exceptionally reliable and effective solution in the dynamic field of cybersecurity. Secured2 is moving us beyond math and into provable security paradigms that can be trusted. 

The layers that makeup
quantum-secure™ protection




Today's authentication systems suffer from a glaring flaw: predictability. Our adversaries understand the inner workings of our authentication mechanisms and exploit their vulnerabilities with ease. They possess the knowledge, dedication, and resources to dismantle even the most robust key-based authentication methods.

In response, we have pioneered private-code Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This revolutionary solution empowers you to take charge of code generation for your applications (not relying on the cloud or third parties who can't seem to protect keys), offering unparalleled security. Our solution is seamlessly integrated with authentication platforms such as those from Microsoft, Google, and Apple, our MFA system ensures secure key transmission using our quantum-secure key delivery. Ensuring each key is encapsulated in transit and into the application. Eliminating hacking points. 

Secured2 also understands customers may want to use some of our solutions with different authentication and we remain agnostic to authentication methods, allowing seamless integration with any preferred authentication approach our clients desire providing authentication agility. 


Additionally, we are leading the development of an innovative authentication technology that promises to transform the authentication industry. This advancement builds on our previous disruptions in data-at-rest and data transmission. Our new method removes the need for passwords, keys, and mobile apps, offering a completely new, seamless, and highly secure way to authenticate devices, servers, and individuals. Stay tuned for more updates!

Physical Protection

Binary Segmentation

file shredding

QuantaMorphic® security scrambles data using a patented process at a binary, file-level, providing superior protection beyond encryption and is quantum-secure™. It’s fast, hardware-free, and impenetrable to hackers, ensuring data cannot be read or deciphered. It can also fit inside standards based encryption approaches using NIST post-quantum encryption algorithms so our customers don't have to change anything in their environments.

A layered approach

End-to-end Protection


QuantaMorphic® security, is a groundbreaking solution that provides unparalleled quantum-secure™ data protection using advanced multi-layered technologies. Our innovative process begins by transforming your data into unreadable digital confetti, ensuring maximum privacy. This randomized, anonymized, and segmented data can then be enhanced with AES encryption or cutting-edge post-quantum encryption methods such as Crystals-Kyber or SIKE, all compliant with industry standards including NIST, FISMA, and HIPAA. Our unique Secured2 technology offers a significant advantage by eliminating the mandatory encryption step, allowing for faster processing without sacrificing security. Step into the future of data protection with QuantaMorphic® today.

Secure Data Transmission

Non-sequential packet 

smartmesh networking

QuantaMorphic® security features an advanced data transmission capability that revolutionizes data security standards. Our process uniquely sends segmented data across the internet using non-sequential packet delivery, effectively neutralizing threats from packet sniffing and data interception. Additionally, this system is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing TCP-IP networks and transport layer security (TLS), enhancing the robustness of the data transmission. To further fortify data security, Secured2 introduces SmartMesh™ quantum-secure™ networking, which adds an additional layer of protection, ensuring that your information remains secure both at rest and in transit. Trust us to provide unmatched data security solutions that safeguard your information wherever it is.

At-Rest Protection

Self-defined global storage arrays
(local, hybrid, cloud & multi-cloud)

multicloud storage

QuantaMorphic® security empowers you to store your data in a customizable array of locations you select, boosting both security and accessibility. At Secured2, our advanced binary-level data shredding technology allows you to distribute your secured data—transformed into digital confetti—across any number of storage sites of your choosing. This ensures that your data remains safe and accessible, even if one location is compromised or inaccessible. Our user-friendly storage solution adds robust security without complexity, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes. Trust us to significantly enhance your data’s security, ensure it is quantum-safe, and maintain its accessibility worldwide.

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We can get you secure!

Secure your business today with Secured2, the ultimate solution that offers unmatched protection - contact us now for a demo and discover how we can safeguard your valuable assets.

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