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Our security solution fits every market, integrates with any existing system, is software, and scales infinitely.

Security Reinvented:
An end-to-end approach

Secured2's end-to-end solution for Guaranteed Trust! 

Secured2 Corporation has introduced an innovative end-to-end approach to cybersecurity, which represents a significant departure from traditional methods that rely heavily on mathematical algorithms and secret keys. This new approach is designed to be both Quantum-Secure™  and AI-safe™, addressing the growing concerns over the capabilities of quantum computing and sophisticated AI to break conventional encryption methods.

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Moving Beyond Math and Secrets

Traditional cybersecurity measures typically depend on complex mathematical algorithms to encrypt data. These algorithms rely on the assumption that they are computationally difficult for unauthorized entities to crack within a practical timeframe. However, with advances in quantum computing, this assumption is becoming increasingly fragile. Quantum computers can, in theory, solve these mathematical problems much faster than classical computers, potentially rendering many of today's encryption methods obsolete.

Secured2's QuantaMorphic™ data protection modality enhances traditional encryption by integrating a data shredding process. This technique fragments data into tiny, unreadable segments and scatters them across different physical storage units. By doing so, it adds an extra layer of physical security to the existing digital encryption. Accessing and piecing together the data is not only technically unfeasible but also physically impossible without authorized access. QuantaMorphic™ protection transforms binary files into scrambled segments that undergo physical changes and dispersion, demanding physical verification to decrypt and return to their original, usable form. This solution, also fits into existing Zero Trust frameworks and standards-based math-based encryption systems that act as a layer of added complexity. So customers don’t need to rip n’ replace existing systems unless they choose. 

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Quantum-Secure™  and AI-Safe Technology

The Quantum-Secure™  aspect of Secured2’s approach refers to its protection against attacks from quantum computers, which can theoretically break many of the current cryptographic defenses. By not depending solely on vulnerable cryptographic methods, the technology remains secure against quantum threats.

AI-safety is another critical component. As AI becomes more advanced, there is an increasing risk of it being used to automate attacks on cryptographic systems or to exploit vulnerabilities at a scale and speed unmanageable for humans to counteract effectively. Secured2's method minimizes this risk by reducing the reliance on predictable algorithmic solutions and instead using more randomized and dispersed data handling techniques.

I think I have seen this
before, isn't this sharding?

Data Shredding vs. Data Sharding: Concepts and Differences

Data shredding and data sharding are two distinct approaches that might seem similar at first glance due to their common strategy of separating data. However, as we go deeper, it becomes clear that these are completely different solutions designed to address different challenges. Each method employs a unique technique for handling data, and they serve vastly different functions. Below we will explore how these processes differ fundamentally in their application and objectives.

Data Sharding: Data sharding involves splitting a large database into smaller, more manageable segments called shards, each stored on a separate database server. This technique is primarily employed to boost performance and ease of management rather than to enhance security. In data sharding, the division is done horizontally, meaning each shard contains a subset of the rows from the database tables, maintaining the same column structure. A significant security concern with data sharding is that each shard contains enough comprehensive data on its own. If an attacker gains access to a single shard, they can extract all its information without needing to breach the other shards. This ability to reconstruct the dataset from one shard increases the security risk, especially as the number of shards—and thus potential points of attack—grows. Many solutions that appear similar to Secured2 use this type of data storage, exposing customers to substantial security risks.


Data Shredding: On the other hand, data shredding, such as the method patented by Secured2, focuses more on security while still providing the speed benefits of data sharding. Data shredding involves breaking down data into smaller, highly compressed segments, with each segment getting optionally encrypted with standards based encryption for added complexity, and dispersing these shreds across various physically separated locations (local, cloud, multi-cloud or hybrid). Secured2 is storage agnostic. This method goes beyond simple fragmentation to include layers of security through obfuscation and distribution. Each shred is useless without the other pieces, and Secured2 enhances this with it's quantum-secure protection, ensuring that even if part of the data is intercepted, reconstructing the original content without authorization is impossible.


Security Advantages of Data Shredding Over Database Sharding

Data shredding provides several key security advantages over data sharding:

  • Enhanced Data Protection: In data shredding, since the data is not only split but also compressed, encrypted, secured using patented methods and randomly dispersed, the interception or unauthorized access of any single piece does not compromise the integrity or confidentiality of the entire dataset. This contrasts with data sharding, where each shard might still contain complete, usable subsets of the data.

  • Resistance to Advanced Attacks: The use of quantum-secure protection in data shredding delivers security against emerging threats posed by quantum computing / AI, which can break traditional encryption methods used in typical data sharding setups.

  • Redundancy and Fault Tolerance: By dispersing data across multiple locations, data shredding introduces a level of redundancy. This distribution helps in maintaining data availability even if one or more locations are compromised, which is a concern in sharding if a single shard's hosting server fails.


Data shredding, as implemented by Secured2, addresses many of the vulnerabilities inherent in data sharding by not only splitting the data but also securing it through advanced encryption and strategic dispersion. This comprehensive approach ensures both the security and integrity of data against a variety of threats, making it a superior choice for organizations prioritizing data protection in an increasingly complex cyber landscape.

We even reinvented Authentication and
Mesh Networking

As part of our end-to-end security solution we had to reinvent authentication and mesh networking. 

Secured2 has once again positioned itself at the forefront of data security innovation with its reinvention of multi-factor authentication (MFA) and the introduction of its groundbreaking SmartMesh™ technology. These advancements underline the company's commitment to developing cutting-edge security solutions that respond to evolving cyber threats and leverage the latest technological capabilities.
Reinventing multi-factor authentication (MFA) with Secured2 Private Code MFA
Secured2 has revolutionized user authentication through its innovative MFA system. Unlike traditional methods, which rely on static verification codes, Secured2's dynamic and private code system generates unique, time-sensitive codes linked to the user's chosen MFA app, greatly reducing the risk of replication or prediction. Additionally, our code generator is not cloud-hosted but instead controlled by you, either through your own servers or Secured2's private enclave you manage / control, ensuring you are the only person that can touch the code engine driving your online verifications. This approach not only secures authentication against common threats like phishing and brute force attacks but also defends against advanced threats driven by AI and machine learning. The private code MFA guarantees intercepted data remains secure and unusable, adapting to the risk level and context of authentication requests. As well, our system seamlessly integrates with popular authenticator apps from Google, Microsoft, and Apple for added convenience.

SmartMesh Technology
Building on its innovative approach, Secured2 has also developed SmartMesh™ technology, a novel data protection solution designed to operate seamlessly across any network (private or public). SmartMesh™ works by creating a decentralized network of data nodes that intelligently communicate and cooperate to process, deliver and protect data. Each node in the network acts independently yet collaboratively, ensuring data integrity and availability even in the event of individual node failures or network attacks through self-healing capability. The technology employs quantum-secure protection and is uniquely tailored to our segmented data in our shredding process. This provides secure node-to-node communications, effectively neutralizing potential threats posed by quantum computing and AI advancements.

As well, SmartMesh™ incorporates AI to predict and respond to networking disruptions in real-time, automatically adjusting routes and networks to deliver payload. This proactive measure ensures uptime, payload delivery and seamless data streams even in the event of mass network outages and global disruptions to communications. 

Together, Secured2's reinvented private code MFA and SmartMesh™ technology represent significant strides in the effort to provide ultimate security in an increasingly interconnected and vulnerable digital world. By addressing both user authentication and data integrity in innovative ways, Secured2 is setting new standards in the field of cybersecurity.

Unlimited markets,
global potential

The market seeks security that works and addresses cost, user-friendliness, scalability,
and fast deployment.

Secured2's end-to-end solution is set to become the fastest growing security paradigm in the world, revolutionizing cybersecurity with its unique approach. By swiftly replacing today's math-based encryption standards, our solution ensures unmatched security across diverse sectors, from B2C to B2B and even Government/Military applications.

For B2C (consumers):

Secured2's solution provides individual consumers with peace of mind by safeguarding their personal data and email against cyber threats. Whether it's securing financial transactions, protecting sensitive personal information, or ensuring privacy in online communications, Secured2 delivers robust protection tailored to meet the needs of modern digital lifestyles.

For B2B (enterprises):

Secured2's solution offers comprehensive security measures to safeguard critical business data, intellectual property, and customer information. From small startups to large corporations, Secured2's technology ensures data integrity, confidentiality, and availability, fostering trust among clients, partners, and stakeholders. We are also developing new tools to protect AI models and ensure today's businesses can use AI securely internally and not lose control of their important corporate information. 


For Government/Military:
Secured2's solution offers unparalleled protection for critical data, including sensitive information, top-secret communications, classified data, and national security interests. Through collaboration with the Department of Defense and rigorous validation processes, we are poised to establish a new cybersecurity standard for government agencies and military organizations.

The urgency to deploy our groundbreaking security technology is palpable, driven by the imminent need to replace outdated encryption standards vulnerable to emerging threats. With validation from the Department of Defense nearing completion, Secured2 is poised to become the industry benchmark for secure data protection.

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We can get you secure!

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