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Industry leading innovation

Secured2 is proud to hold seminal patents in crucial areas of technology, including AI, quantum-secure™ data protection, data compression, and post-quantum PKI solutions. These patents not only showcase our expertise but also position us as innovators at the forefront of driving advancements in data security, intelligent systems, and cryptographic protocols. With our patent portfolio, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology to deliver cutting-edge solutions in the field of data protection and beyond.

Advancing technology:
Here are the research areas where we are developing leading-edge technology & cyber capabilities

General Intelligence

Our cutting-edge innovations aim to replicate, secure and enhance human-like intelligence in machines. Through advanced algorithms, machine learning, and cognitive architectures, we will shape the future by creating intelligent systems capable of reasoning, problem-solving, and adapting to complex business environments.

Post-Quantum PKI

As quantum computing advances, traditional cryptographic methods become vulnerable. Our state-of-the-art PKI solution provide robust protection against quantum attacks, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your digital communications in the post-quantum era. Discover the future of secure communication today.

Physical Device Security

Secured2 has patents covering physical device security, where we redefine the boundaries of protection. Our innovative solutions encompass a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, securing physical devices from unauthorized access, tampering, and theft. We safeguard your valuable assets with unparalleled reliability.

Quantum Secure Data Protection

Harnessing the power of our patented physical-based data protection, our cutting-edge security technologies ensure unparalleled security, safeguarding your sensitive information against the threats of tomorrow. Discover the future of data protection with our quantum-inspired innovations that protect, enhance and bring back security. 

Quantum-Secure®️ Networking

Leveraging the power of quantum-secure®️ data protection, our innovative live-data technology provides end-to-end encryption, protecting data streams from quantum threats. Experience unparalleled reliability, privacy, and scalability with our quantum-secure®️ mesh networking infrastructure. Connect with confidence today.

Post-Quantum Solutions

As quantum computing has advanced, traditional cryptographic methods are 100% vulnerable. Our groundbreaking patents, innovations and know-how offer robust post-quantum encryption, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality in the face of quantum threats. Safeguard your sensitive information with our state-of-the-art post-quantum solutions.

We continue to grow our large patent portfolio - here are some of our favorites: 

  • Systems and methods of transmitting data (Patent No. 10877850): This patent involves systems and methods for securely transmitting data by splitting a data file into pieces and storing them in a diverse mesh of online cloud storage providers.

  • Data conversion method (Patent No. 9779100): This patent focuses on converting data into a random format  by partitioning a data file into segments and assigning key values for each segment. This process is a new method of compression that reduces file size while also protecting data.

  • Data conversion system (Patent No. 9779148): This system includes a client module for data conversion and a database for storing file segments and key values.

  • Data conversion device (Patent No. 9779101): This solution involves a device for data conversion, including a portion for partitioning a file into segments and a database portion for storing these segments.

  • Secured data storage on a hard drive (Patent No. 9767306): This patent describes a method for securing data on a hard drive using a shrink, shred, and data randomization algorithm.

  • Multi-dimensional run-length encoding (Patent No. 9654140): This patent details methods for multi-dimensional run-length encoding of data to secure and compress data in a single step. 

  • Secure pre-loaded drive management at kiosk (Patent No. 9633391): This patent focuses on a method for protecting digital content at a kiosk using memory devices with pre-loaded content.

  • Tamper resistance extension via tamper sensing material housing integration (Patent No. 9600693): This patent provides a tamper-resistant electronic device with a circuit board, shell, anti-tamper material, memory, sensors, and tamper-responsive electronics. Creating a device enclosure for mobile phone, tablet, laptop or server that cannot be compromised, tampered with and protects the internal electronics. 

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We can get you secure!

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