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The digital future we need to build for our children.

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

As a father to two remarkable girls, I've watched them navigate the technology world in amazing ways. If your own kiddos are anything like mine, they're likely immersed in TikTok and Instagram, indulging in what I humorously term 'death' scrolling through a cascade of entertaining videos. YouTube stands in as the contemporary TV, while Snapchat takes the lead for texts and keeping tabs on friends' locations. However, the challenge lies in these platforms acting as digital repositories, storing both the secrets and the challenges that come with adolescence. Think of them as digital toilet bowls, holding onto everything from personal revelations to the chaotic whirlwind that is teenagehood. And, believe me, these platforms are manipulating our children with algorithms similar to puppet masters, ensuring the perpetual allure of scrolling.

Ever wonder what these platforms genuinely know about your kids? Asking that question is scary isn't it. The revelation would be nothing short of shocking, painting a picture that might be unrecognizable to you. Our kids generate content that's not just embarrassing but often private and occasionally a tad vulgar – reminiscent of the harmless banter we engaged in during our own youth. The crucial difference lies in these conversations being recorded, stored, and eternally imprinted, marking a substantial and concerning issue.

In envisioning a better future, I imagine a world where social media isn't dominated by a tech elite who make heaps of money by mining our kids every like, post and innermost thought. I see a future online community built on privacy, security, and less about finely tuned algorithms addictively feeding us content they predict we want to see. It's high time we bid farewell to centralized platforms where every 'like' feels like surrendering a piece of our soul and instead embrace decentralized solutions – the true essence of what the internet was meant to be. Remember freedom? Not the centralized oppression imposed by digital overlords making gazillions off our data.

Today, we – the everyday people, you, and me – find ourselves in the web of data privacy concerns. Those centralized platforms act like crafty spiders, intricately weaving webs to seize our personal info and turn it into currency. It's as if our digital footprint is a treasure chest guarded by Silicon Valley cloud platorms reaping fortunes from our innermost thoughts and personal information. Who on earth do you think is paying for those opulent buildings, free lunches, and ridiculously high salaries? Just remember, a computer in the cloud is a computer you don't own and control. Would you give me your cell phone unlocked? That's what you do when you use the cloud - you hand a stranger your phone, laptop, tablet, PC, unlocked!

But the challenges don't end there. Algorithmic manipulation is similar to a genie granting wishes we never asked for. Suddenly, we're stuck in a loop of cat videos, conspiracy theories, and recycled content, all generated to fuel your addiction and give you that 'dopamine rush'. Something just as addictive as cigarretes or caffeine.

Looking at my kids, I see these mini content wizards crafting their online personas, chasing likes, followers, and inadvertently handing over their data to entities they shouldn't trust. But fear not, there's a glimmer of hope – the new world of file-level decentralization from Secured2. Picture a digital world where your data is owned and controlled by you, not just some commodity. Privacy isn't an exclusive club; it's a fundamental human right. Decentralized platforms, like the one Secured2 is diligently building, provide a space where you're free to be you. We offer user empowerment, privacy by design, and a vibrant environment where creativity, secure data shring and innovation play hand in hand.

We must get rid of walled gardens, centralized data and social platforms where our data & our kids data is turned into gold. The path to decentralized security and data control is the journey we must embark upon for our safety. At Secured2, we're the ragtag crew steering the ship towards freedom and building the tools of the future to realize a freedom first and secure digital world. We have also built a revenue model that allows people 100% freedom & security for a small fee or an ad model where you choose what data to provide and what advertisers you interact with. The way a freemium model should be.

We must rewrite the script, and carve our own digital destiny. In this story, the revolution doesn't commence with a bang; it starts with a click, a tap, and a shared moment of digital liberation. Over the coming months, anticipate a significant transformation at Secured2, with new tools, new applications, capabilities, a new Internet, and even a novel new means of secure communication. We can't wait to share more about our vision and the future of decentralized data – and no, it's not blockchain. We see a future where you are secure, where the tools you use each day don't track, profile and require you to give away your privacy. That's a future I can get behind, what about you?

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