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Math + Encryption = Breach

Mathematics is the most exact science, and its conclusions are capable of absolute proof. But this is so only because mathematics does not attempt to draw absolute conclusions. All mathematical truths are relative, conditional. ~Charles Proteus Steinmetz

Mathematics is often described as the epitome of precision, offering conclusions that can be proven with absolute certainty. However, this perception is not true due to the fact that mathematics doesn't aim to establish absolute truths. Instead, all mathematical truths are relative and conditional. This means they are contingent upon certain assumptions, known as axioms. To dive a little deeper into this concept, you can explore a comprehensive article on axioms and proofs which proves no math can provide absolute proof (let alone security):

In terms of data security, trust in mathematical methods needs reevaluation. While our reliance on mathematical algorithms to safeguard data is significant, it's crucial to admit the limitations, especially with the rise of AI and quantum computing. Embracing a new perspective is essential, we must move to physical data protection. Consider how banks secure valuable assets like gold bars—not through math (math is not secure) but via physical measures like robust vaults with blast proof doors. Similarly, at Secured2, we bolster security by physically altering and dispersing binary files, employing a tangible process for protection. Think of it as shredding a dollar bill into confetti and storing the individual pieces of confetti in secure bank vaults worldwide, preventing attackers from breaching a data center, and accessing your stored file. With Secured2 you can't steal the data because it's physically protected and not centrally located.

Enter Secured2, a pioneering company in physical data protection. It's time to reassess the notion that math alone can ensure security. Math is not synonymous with security, and it's crucial to explore alternative strategies that incorporate physical elements for enhanced protection.

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