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How to protect Office365 Email in light of the recent Microsoft hacks?

Let’s face it - when Satya Nadella the CEO of Microsoft has his email hacked along with all the senior executives in Microsoft your platform has serious issues and we all know Microsoft is not alone. Show me a platform that hasn't been hacked? The harsh reality is if bad actors can reach the executive team at Microsoft, they can easily reach you. Its very clear securing sensitive information (especially emails & attachments) has become the challenge of our time for anyone connected to the Internet. So, what's the answer? Enter Secured2 an exciting end-to-end security solution that is redefining trust in a period of time when trust simply cannot be found. The good news for Microsoft Office365 email is our security was integrated into the platform 7 years ago protecting emails beyond encryption, quantum-secure™ and AI-safe. We have worked with companies all around the world and in a diverse range of markets. From banks, law firms, and large healthcare companies sending patient information. We provide a level of security and capability no other email solution can provide.

So what is Quantum-secure™ and AI-Safe™ Email Protection?

Secured2 ParticleMail™ for Office365 enhances your email security by acting as an add-on—soon to be fully integrated—within your existing email setup. This system offers a unique approach by operating almost independently within Office365, bypassing Microsoft's traditional handling entirely. Think of ParticleMail™ as a separate secure email platform inside Office365, giving you the power to selectively apply our advanced protection to specific emails or enforce Data Loss Prevention (DLP) rules to automatically secure all communications leaving Office365. This is also an end-to-end secure solution.

The flexibility of our platform means you decide how extensively to use our security measures. Excitingly, ParticleMail™ allows you to store and send all emails from your own servers, whether located on your business premises, in a colocation center, or hosted by a third-party vendor you trust. This capability avoids the use of the cloud or can use the cloud in a new way that prevents the cloud from accessing your data, placing your emails and attachments within secure zones under your control and nobody else. With your email communications 100% under your control.

What sets ParticleMail™ apart is its superior security protocol. All data transmitted via our system is secured through methods that go beyond traditional encryption, offering protection that is impenetrable by current standards, including those used in math-based encryption. This ensures that your communications are not just encrypted, but truly secure from any attempts at unauthorized access or decryption. To learn more about our security go here.

Innovative Authentication and Encryption

One of the standout features of Particle Mail is its unique approach to authentication. Unlike conventional systems that rely solely on Microsoft's multi-factor authentication, ParticleMail™ introduces an additional layer of quantum-secure™ authentication. This dual authentication system is particularly crucial given the sophisticated nature of recent cyber-attacks, ensuring that access to email is tightly controlled and more secure than ever.

Furthermore, Particle Mail employs a proprietary encryption method that secures emails both in transit and at rest. This means that from the moment you hit send, to the moment your email is stored on a server, it is encrypted using advanced algorithms that are resistant to decryption by quantum computers and your data is transmitted non-sequentially accross the Internet so even packet sniffing or store now / decrypt later techniques are employed bad actors get nothing. This is a significant step forward in protecting sensitive information from being intercepted or tampered with.

End-to-End Security Across Platforms

Perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of ParticleMail™ is its ability to secure emails end-to-end, regardless of the recipient's email platform. Whether you are sending an email from Office365 to Gmail, ProtonMail, or any other email service, ParticleMail™ ensures that your communications sourced from Office365 are secure from start to finish. This means senders can reply back to you with the same security that you sent the email with. Our interoperability is crucial for businesses that interact with multiple stakeholders across various platforms, providing peace of mind that all communications are secure, regardless of the recipient's email system.

Addressing the Challenge of Modern Cyber Threats

We live during a time when data breaches and cyber threats are increasingly common, Secured2 ParticleMail™ offers a robust solution that addresses the specific vulnerabilities of Office365 and other email platforms. By protecting emails through quantum-secure™ authentication and proprietary encryption techniques, ParticleMail™ not only secures your digital communications but also ensures they are future-proof against the next generation of cyber threats.


With the integration of Secured2 ParticleMail™, users of Office365 can enjoy enhanced security features that protect against the most sophisticated cyber threats. By securing emails quantum-secure™ and ensuring AI-safe™ protections, ParticleMail™ provides a necessary email protection in a time when digital security is more critical than ever. Whether dealing with internal communications or sensitive data shared with external partners, ParticleMail™ delivers peace of mind with a level of security that meets the demands of today's—and tomorrow's—digital threats.

Try ParticleMail™ for free from the Microsoft Office365 store today:

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