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Secured2's role in shaping the future of the Internet and the big question we are asking.

In contemplating the digital world's future, let's begin with a fundamental question: "How can we ensure that the Internet remains open, free from censorship, decentralized, and accessible to all, regardless of their geographic or financial circumstances?" This question lies at the core of my CEO Manifesto for Secured2, a sequence of thoughts I'm about to outline. Before embarking on this manifesto, it's imperative that you grasp the passion that drives me within this industry, the mission propelling Secured2, and the grand vision we hold for reinstating privacy and security for all.

My voyage into the world of technology was anything but ordinary; it ignited an enduring passion within me. Growing up amid the digital revolution, I can vividly recall my initial encounter with a computer—a sluggish machine struggling to run even the most rudimentary games on floppy disks. These humble beginnings sparked my fascination with technology, leading me to explore basic programming and collaborate with friends to craft simplistic games. Inspired by cinematic masterpieces like Star Wars, I envisioned a future characterized by computers, robots, seamless communication, and interstellar exploration. Remarkably, that vision is materializing far faster than I could have ever imagined.

But this was merely the inception. The subsequent wave of technological transformation arrived with the advent of the Internet. I proudly embraced my 14.4 modem, later upgrading to the 28.8 modems from MultiTech. I eagerly embraced real-time chats on platforms like IRC and even the pioneering, albeit somewhat quaint, AOL (yes, once upon a time, AOL was groundbreaking). Music files, webcams, and the Netscape Browser heralded the digital age we now inhabit, and I reveled in each new development.

The advent of Wi-Fi and Google Search further revolutionized our lives, notwithstanding my earlier explorations of the Internet through the Gopher search engine in college at the University of Minnesota (where search really started). The era of file-sharing, famously exemplified by Napster, made an indelible mark, albeit with an awareness of its illegality and the harm it inflicted upon music artists.

The global ascent of Facebook and the meteoric rise of YouTube, prior to its acquisition by Google, reshaped the digital landscape as we knew it. Reflecting upon this journey, from one innovative solution to the next, it's evident that the collective ingenuity of brilliant minds has led us to our present position—as the architects of our global Internet community. What an incredible odyssey it has been.

However, I must now share a very sobering message. Our beloved digital community confronts unprecedented challenges that far exceed our early fears. This juncture demands innovation and resilience (right now), qualities that have guided us thus far. The Internet is under attack and has been weaponized.

In today's digital world, technology has undergone a seismic shift. Governments have centralized technology and communication for the sake of power and control, while corporate giants have monopolized the Internet, amassing wealth that rivals entire nations. This has precipitated a glaring divide between tech elites in big tech, finance, and industry, and those who have been left behind, marginalized in the chasm of technological disparity.

As we stand at this pivotal crossroads, it is imperative that we acknowledge a stark reality: something remarkable has been broken. The Internet is splintered, its fundamental technology faltering due to the end of life of math-based encryption, and disruptive forces like quantum computing and AI that pose an existential threat. Moreover, we did not fight to preserve the Internet's freedom, openness, and autonomy. Meanwhile, billion-dollar corporations exploit your data and digital presence without a second thought. Yes, while the situation may seem dire, I want to emphasize that change is here, and we can draw comfort knowing that change will solve many of our problems.

Contemplating the future, we must focus on the pivotal question: "How can we ensure that the Internet remains open, uncensored, decentralized, and accessible to all?" At Secured2, we grappled with this question as we laid the foundation for our digital future. Our approach revolves around forging a superior means of secure connection, identity verification, and data transmission & data at rest protection, all while preserving anonymity. We are steadfast in our commitment to establishing a secure, open, anonymous (if preferred), and decentralized paradigm, ensuring it remains impervious to shutdown or exploitation.

Our unwavering efforts are singularly dedicated to safeguarding your interests and addressing this paramount question. I share this information today because we harbor a long-term vision. Much like Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google, committed themselves to organizing the world's information and making it universally accessible and beneficial, Daren Klum and Mark Hansen, the founders of Secured2, promote a parallel, albeit distinct, vision. Our collective aspiration is to secure information and data transport on a global scale, ensuring universal accessibility and value, while providing creators with control over its accessibility.

The vision at Secured2 does not hinge on blockchain or merely repairing a broken Internet ecosystem system. Instead, it epitomizes a paradigm shift that defies convention and relentlessly pursues innovative solutions. The Internet has served us well for years, and what lies ahead is even more secure, superior, and capable. The novel solution that Secured2 is crafting will usher in our secure future while upholding its promise.

Yes, our vision may seem audacious, but I am resolute in my belief that we will attain our objectives. I have witnessed the impact of two friends and a dedicated team who initiated Secured2. Contemplate what we can achieve when we inspire the world with a grand vision and unite to bring it to fruition. There is a lot we can learn from our past missteps and together, forge a brighter future.

I hope my CEO Manifesto for Secured2 shares the testament to my fervor, our mission, and the secure, anonymous, and advantageous platform we are crafting to connect our world securely. And yes, it is a platform that will ultimately protect not only our nation but also nations across the globe. The right to privacy and security is a universal right, extending to each and every one of us, not merely our government.

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