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The most secure and easiest way to send massive files to anyone.

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Secured2 is driven by its mission to enhance global information security and restore digital privacy. Building trust is crucial for our vision and business, and we tirelessly work to earn it from our customers every day. While many know us as a data security company, we are also focusing on data compression and data transfer speeds, which are critical elements in optimizing user experiences for the products and services we develop.

One area we have specifically targeted is solving the problem of email attachment size limitations, particularly within Office365. Currently, Office365 users face a constraint of attachments up to 150MB, beyond which they need to resort to external platforms like OneDrive or Dropbox for transferring larger files, resulting in inconvenience and reduced user-friendliness. We are thrilled to announce that Secured2 has become the easiest and most efficient solution for sending very large files via email. By installing our Outlook add-in and following three simple steps, users can enjoy unlimited size attachments without any limitations. Our decision to integrate this data transfer tool within Outlook was born out of frustration, yet it adheres to our principles of simplicity and security, which are applicable across various marketplaces and industries. We firmly believe that the security, interoperability, and portability of data are paramount in today's world, and this exciting tool embodies those core values.

In terms of use cases, our tool enables users to effortlessly share large videos, medical images, financial forms, PowerPoint files, and more via email. Recipients receive customized email forms, allowing them to quickly download attachments and access the content with ease. With our industry-leading encryption and quantum-secure email, we ensure top-notch security for both the email and its attachments. Moreover, our innovative approach combines encryption with cutting-edge compression techniques, enabling users to send and receive large files efficiently, even in low-bandwidth scenarios.

It is important to note that Secured2 does not provide email or file deletion automation. If customers wish to delete files, they simply need to dele

te the corresponding email. While we keep archival copies of emails for backup purposes, we purge them after one year, unless otherwise specified by the customer.

The Secured2 solution seamlessly integrates with Office365, Outlook, and Exchange, fitting within the widely-used email ecosystem. Our solution enhances security and protection, going beyond standard encryption, while also being compatible with your existing security investments. We prioritize compatibility with various operating systems, including macOS, Windows 10, and Linux-based distributions. Furthermore, we are excited to announce the upcoming release of Particle Mail Version 2.0, which will support mobile devices running on iOS, Android, or Windows.

Security and privacy are at the core of our offering. As data transfer involves multiple parties, including the user, Secured2, and storage providers like Google, Microsoft, or AWS, we often receive questions regarding liability in the event of a data breach. Since all data within our solution is "protected" by Secured2, we guarantee the end-to-end security of the entire solution. Additionally, we provide a cyber security indemnification warranty that covers each user with up to $1 million of cyber liability coverage, with a cap of up to $5 million per company and optional additional coverage. We are so confident in our security measures that we indemnify our customers against data breaches.

We are continuously expanding our offerings, and as you can see, our email product goes beyond quantum-secure and beyond encryption communications. We offer the best file transfer tool in the business, seamlessly integrated into the email application you use every day!

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