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Using the laws of physics to secure data and moving beyond math-based encryption.

When I was young I absolutely hated math with a passion. It wasn't until college that I fell in love with math and it's incredible superpowers. However, math has a fundamental challenge as we look at the current state of our global Internet security. Math's importance is perhaps most tied to the field of cryptography, which is crucial for securing our communication and information. However, it's essential to realize that while math provides encryption tools, it doesn't ensure absolute security and it never will.

Firstly, math relies on assumptions. Many cryptographic protocols are built on assumptions about how hard certain math problems are. But these assumptions are being shattered by new mathematical discoveries, advancements in computing power and new tools like artificial intelligence (AI).

Secondly, human error can mess things up. Even the best mathematical algorithms can be undermined by mistakes in how they're put into software or hardware. There are plenty of examples where supposedly secure systems were compromised due to implementation errors.

Thirdly, proving security in cryptography has proven impossible because there is no proof math is secure. Afterall, math is nothing more than a problem that can be solved you just need to know the trick. Even more, math-based models might not capture all the complexities of real-world systems, leaving vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit.

So, while math adds complexity to security, it's not foolproof. Adversaries are always finding new ways to attack and sadly with quantum/AI the threats against math-based encryption are frightening (math stands no chance). That's why we need a different approach immediately to achieve truly provable security.

That's where physics-based security, like Secured2's QuantaMorphic® data protection, comes in. It's a big change from traditional methods because it uses the laws of physics, not just math, to keep data safe. This means using the randomness and unpredictability of physical phenomena to make it impossible for hackers to access sensitive information.

Secured2's QuantaMorphic® data protection is inspired by principles similar to quantum mechanics, where we use the behavior of tiny particles to safeguard data. By breaking down data into smaller segments and mixing them up in transit and storage, we ensure that even if someone intercepts it, they can't make sense of it without proper authorization. It also means if an attacker breaks into an endpoint to steal data they have no idea where the file is and how to put all the pieces together to make the file. It's impossible because it's randomized and binary fragments are like particles impossible to combine without the proper authorization or process to restore.

Physics-based security offers true provability, relying on the laws of nature rather than mathematical assumptions. By taking advantage of properties like data anonymization and randomness, systems like QuantaMorphic® data protection can provide rock-solid security that traditional cryptography can't match. This approach not only boosts data protection but also opens doors to innovative security methods, paving the way for a safer digital world. As we continue to explore this frontier, solutions like QuantaMorphic® data protection are revolutionizing cybersecurity, offering guaranteed security against today's massive threats.

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