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Microsoft & Gov Agency Attacks Exposes Failing Security Ecosystem: United States Vulnerable!

In sharing this message, I understand that it may ruffle feathers within the cybersecurity industry, big tech and the corridors of governmental power. But that's not my intention. In times of great urgency, we must have the courage to confront uncomfortable truths. It is through these honest conversations that we can drive real progress. Today, I want to shed light on the harsh realities plaguing the cybersecurity industry and how its lackluster practices have precipitated a full-blown cyber crisis. Equally important, I'll discuss the role of government in perpetuating this ecosystem of failure and, more importantly, how we can break free from it. Innovation and change are not borne out of complacency, but from challenging the status quo. So, let's embark on this transformative journey together, unearthing the truth and forging a path towards a safer digital world. Because, as I've always believed, it's only by confronting our shortcomings that we can truly unleash our potential. The recent breaches of Microsoft Outlook and United States Government Agencies, including the DoD are just the tip of the iceberg, and the situation is far worse than we can fathom. I believe we are about to be hit so hard by our enemies that people in this country are not prepared for what's to come.

Looking at the cybersecurity market, we find ourselves in an confusing landscape where companies repeatedly repackage and rebrand the same technology under different names. They employ smoke and mirrors to convince us of their product's innovation and groundbreaking nature. However, in reality, it's a façade, as they offer nothing more than recycled and outdated solutions that capitalize on our fears and vulnerabilities. These prominent companies, whose names are well-known, pour vast sums of money into marketing, ensuring they maintain their dominant positions. Year after year, they secure lucrative government contracts, while the public blindly follows, driven by a herd mentality and the mistaken belief that these companies possess foolproof data protection measures. They proudly showcase their top-tier engineers from prestigious colleges, present so-called innovative solutions, and commission reports from influential firms like Gartner to validate their claims and cement their place in the esteemed "magic quadrant." The entire ecosystem revolves around them, eagerly hanging on their every word. But amidst all this noise, one must question: Can we truly rely on the truth of their assertions when the very solutions they peddle get hacked seemingly with ease and then when questioned say things like, 'nothing can be truly secure but we are the best.' Which is nothing more than more lies and half-truths.

They promote themselves as offering the ultimate defense against cyber threats, using outlandish taglines like: "advanced threat detection," "AI-powered solutions," and "next-generation security technology." Each one competes to establish superiority over the others. However, if we dig beneath the flashy exterior, what do we discover? The same fundamental ideas, outdated technology, weak math-based encryption, and excessively high prices. What's even worse is that these companies sell security without providing any guarantee. Essentially, if you purchase their security measures and experience a breach, they absolve themselves of responsibility, placing the blame on you instead. Shouldn't they provide a warranty for their product and indemnify their customers in the event of a breach, if their security measures actually work?

Their strategy is to dazzle us with buzzwords and make grandiose promises. They want us to believe that purchasing their product will render us impervious to even the most sophisticated hackers. However, the reality falls far short of their claims. Ask Microsoft and the Government, who were hacked in the past few days. How are the millions upon millions they spent on security working? You know the truth, the sophistication of hacks have increased and we are simply not prepared or protected against these new threats.

The cybersecurity industry has a long-standing pattern of hyping minor updates as groundbreaking advancements, tirelessly convincing us that their software can outsmart hackers. However, behind the scenes, it's a perpetual race to catch up, continuously patching vulnerabilities on products that are strikingly similar in functionality. What's even more frightening is the involvement of foreign adversaries in developing some of these technologies, while software or firmware backdoors orchestrated by them are marketed through US-based companies, granting undue legitimacy to foreign solutions. Moreover, our university system unknowingly facilitates the entry of brilliant individuals who could pose security threats, as they infiltrate our schools, then companies and hold critical positions in the high-tech sector, building vulnerabilities into systems knowingly that most cannot find or comprehend. Yet, we wonder why these pervasive attacks occur and why we are a sitting duck.

Meanwhile, industry giants engage in relentless bickering, each claiming superiority while conveniently overlooking their nearly identical products riddled with hacker entry points. It's a ruthless competition for customers, with marketing budgets surpassing efforts invested in genuine innovation and making their core products more secure.

The cybersecurity industry has morphed into a profit-driven machine, capitalizing on our vulnerabilities, blind trust and thriving amidst the chaos it professes to prevent. While we, the consumers, suffer from a failure of unsecure solutions, these companies reap the rewards, laughing all the way to the bank.

Here we find ourselves in the midst of a critical cyber crisis, entrusting our digital lives to an industry that thrives on deception and mediocrity. It's high time for the cybersecurity realm to be completely reset, ushering in a genuine revolution in mindset and approach. We urgently require fresh ideas, authentic innovation, and a proactive stance, moving away from reactive solutions. What we truly need is true innovation, reminiscent of the breakthroughs that have shaped our most enduring technologies. However, innovation is no easy task. At Secured2, we are embracing this challenge head-on, discarding traditional notions and constructing a new future. A future where security is tangible, comprehensible, and verifiable. It's a future where security can be warrantied, providing customers with indemnity against data breaches. Imagine that - selling security and offering a warranty. It's a novel concept that holds tremendous promise and something we offer today!

The sacrifices my business partner, team, and I have made in creating the fundamental technologies at Secured2 are not to be taken lightly. Many years of sleepless nights and untold personal sacrifices have been poured into realizing our vision for the future. Our commitment to protecting our country runs deep, even at significant personal risk. We hold a profound love for our country and our way of life, and like those who would sacrifice everything to defend this nation, we are unwavering in our determination to preserve it. The truth is that we currently face an unprecedented and astute adversary. They are highly organized, well-funded, laser-focused, and resolute in their quest to surpass America as the dominant global power. They aim to drown out the essence of freedom and usher in a centralized authority that will exert control over all aspects of our lives, facilitated by manipulating technology. We must be aware of this imminent threat and act decisively to safeguard our cherished principles of liberty. The truth is - that we risk losing the liberty so many have fought to preserve.

Despite feeling disheartened today, I maintain hope for the future. Our primary objective is to establish our data security solution as the new industry standard. We have received significant support from Lloyd's of London cyber indemnification and have undergone multiple third-party evaluations, with endorsement from top cybersecurity leaders. Our unwavering mission is to protect our nation. While progress has been made through engagements with Department of Defense officials and major tech companies, we require swifter action from these gatekeepers. The urgency of the situation cannot be understated. Although some prioritize control over security, I firmly believe that positive change is attainable. Although Secured2 may not enjoy the same level of recognition and lobbying power as industry behemoths like Big Tech, we are determined not to conform to their methods. We are resolute in our commitment to safeguarding our nation, and we have confidence that our innovative solution will find its rightful place in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. Ultimately, when everything else fails, it becomes imperative to explore new approaches, and we have proven in the real world our solution holds the key to resolving the problem at hand.

The government's involvement in the cybersecurity industry is plagued by sluggish processes, excessive bureaucracy, and poor communication among different entities. This longstanding issue revolves around influential corporations leveraging their financial power to manipulate government agencies. They push for the purchase of overpriced products that are essentially outdated, relying on technology that was once cutting-edge during the era when color television was a novelty. This cycle of inefficiency and stagnation persists indefinitely.

The unfortunate truth is that the government, with its vast resources and access to cutting-edge research, is being taken for a ride. They fall prey to the allure of big names and false promises, completely disregarding the potential for genuine innovation outside the confines of these corporate giants. The pioneering spirit of small companies, fueled by risk-takers who dedicate their lives to making the world a better place, truly built the foundation of our great country. This is precisely where our country will find answers to the solutions it desperately needs to protect itself. Yet, how on earth can a small company jump through all the impossible hoops to get a new standard to market? The process the government uses doesn't work and is impossible to navigate. However, it's great to see things changing and perhaps there is hope as the government realizes status-quo cannot continue.

We have reached a critical juncture where the recent breaches at Microsoft and the Department of Defense highlight the severe consequences of deceptive practices and empty promises. These incidents have placed our nation in unprecedented danger. It is disheartening to see that proven solutions like Secured2, which address and prevent such issues, are not being adopted swiftly by the government and large corporations. The hesitance to embrace our solution stems from a desire for control rather than prioritizing true security. Genuine security necessitates relinquishing some control, a prospect that those in positions of power may find challenging to accept. This leads me to pose a vital question to those who hold sway in big tech and our government: Are we willing to sacrifice genuine security for the illusion of security that grants absolute control to those in power? It is a decision that demands our careful consideration, for it ultimately determines whether we can truly safeguard our nation. There is no middle ground when it comes to the security of our nation; we are either secure or we are not. It's that black and white.

In closing, let us heed the call for urgency and demand a transformative shift. We must rise above the complacency and demand true security, new innovation, verifiable trust, and proactive measures. It is time to break free from the shackles of deception and mediocrity that the cybersecurity industry has ensnared us in. The stakes are high - our nation's security hangs in the balance. We must rise to the occasion, embracing innovations like Secured2 that offer genuine solutions to the challenges we face. We need an industry that abandons falsehoods and unites to tackle these issues together. The current approach is failing us, as evidenced by the relentless wave of successful hacks. Let us start being honest, asking hard questions, awaken to this reality and chart a course towards a future where our freedom is safeguarded and our security is assured.

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