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Less is More: Simplifying Cybersecurity's Multilayered Puzzle.

The cybersecurity industry has become immensely profitable, capitalizing on the shortcomings of once-reliable traditional security systems. Prominent technologies like MFA and AES encryption are no longer viable means of protection, and new emerging technologies are rendering many security systems useless. Surprisingly, major cloud companies are now rebranding themselves as cybersecurity experts, yet they repeatedly fail to protect customer data, opting instead to centralize data into vast warehouses that expose millions of users. Evidence of these vulnerabilities abounds in the news, with reports of massive breaches becoming commonplace. Regrettably, when these breaches occur, the blame game ensues, with the larger players shifting responsibility onto integrators or managers of these ineffective tools. While pointing fingers is simple, finding genuine solutions to these challenges proves exceedingly difficult.

Amidst this challenging reality, large enterprises and governments often resort to pouring more funds into an expanding array of security products, hoping for a miraculous solution. Initiatives like 'Zero Trust' have emerged, attempting to create elaborate frameworks that, unfortunately, end up hindering rather than aiding regular business operations. Regrettably, these frameworks rely on technologies that cannot deliver the promised security. Surprisingly, the proliferation of security layers in the guise of 'Zero Trust' actually increases vulnerability by creating more potential points of attack. Moreover, these frameworks become disruptive, demanding constant authentication, and wasting precious time, which is a crucial resource in most companies.

In this era, we see the same technology being recycled with minor modifications and rebranded as something new. Genuine revolutionary ideas in data security are rare. The only one that comes to mind in the past few years that works is my company, Secured2, which has introduced QuantaMorphic® data security, going beyond conventional math-based encryption solutions that are failing us.

The current state of the cybersecurity market is riddled with deception and illusions, making it crucial to shift towards a more secure posture. To regain security, we must first understand what it means in today's landscape. In my view, security revolves around several key aspects that, if properly implemented, can offer the utmost protection for businesses and government agencies:

  • Access / Authentication: It involves permitting only authorized personnel to access sensitive information while safeguarding access keys and ensuring they are not under the control of cloud service providers.

  • Device Security: To enhance security, we need a "trusted" hardware system that guarantees the absence of backdoors, malicious micro-switches, and faulty drivers, which can create vulnerabilities. Additionally, eliminating device IDs is crucial to ensuring user anonymity.

  • Transmission Security: This focuses on protecting data while it moves through networks and communication channels, shielding it from potential threats.

  • Application Security: The objective here is to strengthen software and applications to withstand potential threats and attacks.

  • Data at Rest: This aspect deals with securing data when it is stored and not actively being used or transmitted.

  • User Education: Empowering users with the knowledge and awareness required to recognize and effectively respond to various security risks.

In response to these challenges, Secured2 has developed a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates and streamlines all the essential elements of data protection. Our turn-key system is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for organizations to implement, scale and utilize. Here are the key elements of the Secured2 approach to end-to-end data protection:

Access / Authentication: The ultimate aim of any solid security system is to safeguard sensitive information from unauthorized access. Access control and authentication act as the guardians, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access valuable data. Think of it as entrusting your front door key of your home to someone you deeply trust. However, in today's world, most companies and individuals are handing over their keys to cloud vendors for convenience. But what happens if these vendors' security is breached, giving attackers access to your keys? Even worse, what happens when the very key systems themselves are breached? This is happening right now and the consequences are horrific. Anyone that holds, manages or controls your keys has access.

To address this critical concern, Secured2 has come up with a solution - the 'private key' system. With this innovation, you can utilize popular authenticator apps from Google, Microsoft, or Apple while retaining control over your own key, storing it wherever you see fit. It's like giving your house keys only to those you genuinely trust, just as you would with your home. The icing on the cake is that Secured2's key exchange is quantum-secure, ensuring that malicious actors cannot intercept your key and gain unauthorized access to your data. With this groundbreaking approach, Secured2 empowers users to maintain a higher of control and security over their valuable authentication and authentication keys.

Device Security: In the ever-expanding digital universe our devices have become the gateway to a vast world of possibilities. From our beloved smartphones to our trusty laptops and tablets, these gadgets are at the core of our digital lives. However, to truly ensure security, we must eliminate any possibility of backdoors, spyware, or malicious software lurking within these devices. That's why we need to lock them down, creating new standards that guarantee a backdoor-free environment. Open-sourcing all device drivers will play a vital role in preventing the installation of any harmful code, providing users with peace of mind. And to take it a step further, I envision a new device immune system, empowering users to verify the safety of their devices at all times (hint, hint Microsoft).

To achieve impeccable device security, we must also build a supply chain we can wholeheartedly trust. It's high time we bring the manufacturing of motherboards back to American shores, ensuring a level of control, regulation, and certification that guarantees top-notch security in the development and engineering processes. After all, no matter how robust the security measures we implement, it all amounts to naught if the very device we rely on is tainted with spyware, backdoors, or vulnerabilities that could compromise our digital lives. At the end of the day, our relentless pursuit of airtight device security is our commitment to the users' utmost protection and peace of mind.

To address this massive issue Secured2 has partnered with the only US motherboard and computer manufacturer that has developed a Military-Grade computer ecosystem free from backdoors, spyware and malicious capabilities. Having a 'clean' hardware stack is a big step in getting true end-to-end security and we can give this to our customers today. Including, data center server capabilities too for ultra-high density computing.

Transmission Security: As data travels across the vast networks and communication channels of the internet, it's essential to shield it from potential eavesdroppers and hackers. Transmission security is similar to securing the route that your sensitive information takes while traveling from one place to another. Imagine sealing your important documents in an envelope and sending them via a secure courier service rather than leaving them exposed for anyone to read. Employing encryption and other protective measures used to ensure this security be we know today our security is flawed.

Secured2 addressed this challenge in two ways, First, we developed the world's first quantum-secure networking solution we call QuantaMesh™. This exciting new networking technology provides customers with a way to transmit data securely across the public Internet. Giving you unrivaled data protection and no it's not a VPN. With Secured2 you can create your own private network across the internet. Think of it like your own express lane!

Application Security: In a world where we heavily rely on software and applications to perform various tasks, ensuring their resilience against threats is non-negotiable. Think of applications as the tools we use to interact with our digital world. Application security involves fortifying these tools against potential vulnerabilities and attacks. It's like building robust defenses into the foundation of a house, making it difficult for intruders to find weak points. By doing so, we can thwart attempts to exploit flaws in the software, thus protecting our data and systems from harm.

Secured2 solved application security by creating our own secure handshake that is like MFA for app servers and provides a new JWT token that enhances security while fitting inside standards. We also developed a quantum-secure™ API that allows developers to build our security right into their applications.

Data at Rest: When your data is not actively being used or transmitted, it enters a state of rest and stays stored on various devices and servers. However, during this phase, it becomes vulnerable to theft or unauthorized access if left unprotected. To ensure its security, think of it as putting valuable items in a secure, locked safe when you're not using them. Employing encryption and access controls for stored data ensures that even if someone gains physical access to your storage devices, they won't be able to decipher the data without proper authorization.

At Secured2, our storage solution takes data protection to the next level. We decentralize each file at the binary level and scatter it across your chosen storage array, whether it's in the cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid, or local storage. This customized approach makes our solution unparalleled in the industry today. Not only does it provide unmatched security, but it also compresses your data by up to 80%, reducing storage costs significantly. Rest easy knowing your data is safe and your expenses are minimized with our cutting-edge security and compression features.

User Education: In this ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, one of the most critical aspects of security is educating the users. Users, often the weakest link in the security chain, need to be empowered with knowledge and awareness. It's like teaching someone how to spot a potential scam or fraud so that they can protect themselves. By educating users about common security risks, phishing attacks, and best practices, we equip them to recognize and respond appropriately to potential threats. This human firewall becomes an essential layer of defense, complementing the technical security measures in place. In conclusion, these six areas are crucial pillars in the world of cybersecurity. By focusing on access control, device security, transmission security, application security, data-at-rest protection, and user education, individuals and organizations can build a more robust defense against the ever-present threats in the digital realm. Emphasizing security in each of these aspects will lead to a safer and more secure digital landscape for all. In closing, as the landscape of cybersecurity continues to evolve, the imperative for robust and holistic data protection has never been more critical. Secured2's innovative approach, encompassing all the vital elements of security and ease of use, stands as a beacon of hope in an increasingly complex digital world. By integrating access control, device security, transmission security, application security, data at rest protection, and user education into a unified and turn-key solution, Secured2 empowers organizations to fortify their defenses and preserve the integrity of their most valuable assets. As we navigate the ever-changing digital threatscape, the commitment to end-to-end data protection remains an unwavering mission, and with pioneers like Secured2 leading the way, we can forge a safer and more secure digital future for all.

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