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Emergency Response: U.S. Grapples with Cyber Meltdown and obsolete IT

In the raging battleground of today's cyber war, one glaring truth becomes evident - we are fighting a 21st century conflict with 20th century technology. The reality is stark: our adversaries are outmaneuvering us at every turn, exposing the limitations of our best defenses. That much is clear.

What might not be immediately apparent, however, is the caliber of cyber leadership our nation possesses and the dedication of patriotic individuals who toil tirelessly to safeguard our great nation. It is a perilous task, but having met many of these remarkable patriots leading our cyber defenses, I can confidently say that we are in exceedingly capable hands. Their challenge lies in acquiring 21st century technology quickly and in a way that can scale through the outdated contracting system. Ideally, we would want them to be advancing and cutting off our enemies, but instead they are fighting in a defensive position being forced to move from one critical incident to the next.

The dilemma our country faces is how to transition away from 20th century technology based on our outdated math-based encryption and, almost overnight, embrace the advancements of the 21st century like Secured2’s physical-based data protection. It may sound simple, but the reality is far from it. Consider the challenges of unwinding multi-year contracts, implementing new systems, providing training, changing protocols, and establishing government processes around this transformative shift. It is a Herculean task that demands unwavering determination and our applauding those who must deal with this change. It's not easy and is very stressful. Especially, when you know if you do it wrong good people die. Trust me the people in the DoD making the decisions don't like change, because if they change to something that doesn't work it's catastrophic and there will be blood on their hands. That's how important our security is to our nation, it is in many ways life or death.

To those reading this, don’t think that this battle is lost. I want to offer reassurance that our government has a process in place to evaluate new technology, and exceptional leaders guiding us forward, despite an antiquated system. Take solace in knowing there are phenomenal people leading our cyber defenses.

Secured2 is at the forefront of the effort, proactively collaborating with industry leaders to create a foundational framework that will swiftly implement our new post quantum & AI safe data security standard. We have the data security for the 21st century, now it's all about implementation and getting this in the hands of the right people. We are almost there - it just takes time but sadly our nation is running out of time. With China/Russia doing military drills off the shores of Alaska, their first attack will come from cyber space. It's not a matter of if, but when. It's already happening (see Microsoft for details).

Indeed, the journey ahead is arduous, but with dedicated minds coming together, we can surmount these challenges and usher in a new era of cybersecurity. We must seize this moment to fortify our digital defenses while we still have time. The clock is ticking and waiting longer will put our country in peril like never before. Sorry to be a doomsayer but we know it's the hard, cold, truth - it's very obvious.

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