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Digital Dunkirk: Mobilizing a Nation's Defenders"

As the flames of cyber threats scorch our digital landscape, mere presentations and failed math-based security no longer suffice. The time for rhetoric has passed; action is our shield against the inferno. Amid the echoes of leadership lessons from WWII, the tale of the Dunkirk evacuation shines as a guiding light—an audacious response to crisis.

In the face of adversity, Winston Churchill's call for action during Dunkirk stands as a testament to the power of leadership. When told a plan was impossible, he bypassed bureaucracy and turned to the masses, urging boat owners to rally and save troops—a lesson in audacity.

In today's "Digital Dunkirk," every IT professional, CEO, and CIO stands as captain of their virtual vessel, navigating treacherous waters of cyber challenges.

Enter Secured2, a company forged through the support of true patriots who love this country. We proudly acknowledge that our Quantum-Secure™ solution is a result of millions raised from everyday Americans, friends, family, St. Thomas University and believers in our nation's strength. No big VCs or hedge funds with foreign investment, just common citizens investing in our shared digital defense.

Secured2's stronghold is open to all virtual boats—large, small, or medium. Our DIY "stationary data" solution, available at, is easy to integrate into your applications through our at-rest API you can test here: Restful API or our myriad of applications including the world's first quantum-secure & AI safe email protection solution for Office365 email we call Particle Mail located here: Particle Mail for Office365. Our security and industry leading applications are a rallying point, a symbol of our collective determination to safeguard America's digital future.

The imperative of safeguarding data has never been greater. Secured2 extends an invitation to those armed with common sense, those invested in our nation's prosperity. The echoes of history urge us towards bold leadership—a response that's no longer a choice but a necessity. Secured2 has the only unhackable standard - it's time we all use it, integrate it and have the entire industry build upon it.

In the escalating cyber conflict, reactivity falls short. Action becomes imperative—beyond contracts and finance— to safeguard our nation's digital sovereignty. Secured2 responds with an at-rest quantum-secure API and an emerging quantum-secure networking solution in Alpha. While we hold the key to guaranteed security, we recognize that our solution's proliferation demands industry-wide and government support. The consequences of inaction are dire; China and Russia have breached America's most trusted systems. The choice is clear: embrace Secured2 or get hacked. The call is yours to heed.

To the defenders of Americas cybersecurity, the Department of Defense, and our Government: it's time to unite like never before, forging an unbreakable shield against imminent threats. We can no longer afford the luxury of hesitation in the face of clear & present danger. The time for action is now, marked by swiftness and collective determination. Let's transcend the bureaucracy that hinders progress and embrace the urgency of this moment. The choice is crystal clear: act decisively or face the dire repercussions of inaction. The power to secure our digital world rests in our hands—let's wield it with the boldness and innovation that define our nation. Our Digital Dunkirk is here!

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