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ParticleMail, the most secure email in the market today. Period. 

Secure your email correspondence from end to end; only you hold the access. Enjoy the confidentiality your emails deserve.

Guaranteed email protection for Office365

Secured2 ParticleMail™ represents a significant advancement in email security by utilizing quantum-secure™ and AI-safe™ technologies, setting it apart as one of the most secure email solutions available today. This innovative end-to-end approach addresses the growing concerns over cyber threats, particularly those posed by quantum computing and sophisticated AI algorithms, which are capable of breaking traditional cryptographic methods.













Quantum-secure™ Technology
Quantum-secure™ technology ensures that the encryption used by ParticleMail™ is resistant to attacks from quantum computers, which can potentially crack the encryption algorithms that standard emails rely on, such as RSA and ECC. Secured2 employs advanced cryptographic techniques that are designed to be secure against both classical and quantum computational attacks. These techniques might include lattice-based cryptography or multivariate quadratic equations, both of which are considered robust against quantum attacks.


AI-Safe™ Measures
ParticleMail™ integrates AI-Safe™ technologies to address the growing challenge of AI-powered threats, which accelerate the brute-force decryption process. By utilizing advanced machine learning models, ParticleMail™ can identify patterns in large sets of data which aid in the breaking of encryption. Additionally, when AI is paired with high-performance computing, they can solve complex mathematical problems previously deemed unsolvable by computers. This capability introduces a new security risk, as reliance on complex mathematics for data protection is increasingly becoming outdated.

How ParticleMail™ Differs from Normal Email Encryption
Conventional email encryption typically uses Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) where the encryption and decryption keys are asymmetric. While effective against many cyber threats, these systems are not equipped to handle the new wave of quantum computing threats or complex AI-driven attacks.

In contrast, Secured2 ParticleMail™ 's email protection is not only designed to be impenetrable by current standards but also future-proofs against emerging technologies that could otherwise undermine traditional systems. Additionally, unlike standard encryption that only encrypts the content of the messages, ParticleMail™ extends its security features to include metadata protection, ensuring that even the contextual details of communications are shielded from interception including the text of your email and as well the file itself. All being run through the shrink, shred, secure, restore modality of multi-layer email protection. 

Additional Security Features
Secured2 ParticleMail™ also implements other advanced security measures such as data shredding, where data is broken into smaller, unrecognizable pieces and distributed across multiple locations. This technique adds another layer of security, as an attacker would need to access and reconstruct all pieces to breach the information, a task made nearly impossible without specific keys.

ParticleMail™ enhances user security through advanced authentication methods. Our system employs Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) featuring a unique component called Private Code MFA. This system allows for flexible hosting options: customers can either use our hosting services or manage their own key generator for creating MFA codes. We have integrated Private Code MFA with popular authenticator apps from Google, Microsoft, and Apple. This integration allows you to control the keys for unlocking your email, unlike typical cloud providers who manage both the access mechanism and the keys (a risk to your security). At ParticleMail™, we believe that you should have control over the keys that access your accounts and email. 

By integrating these advanced technologies, Secured2 ParticleMail™ not only significantly enhances the security of email communications but also provides a scalable and future-proof solution that addresses both current and emerging cyber threats. This makes it a standout choice for organizations and individuals looking for the utmost in email security.

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